The Story behind the Natural Massage Roller

I am obsessed with fitness and yoga, I would say going to the gym is a big part of my daily life. After pushing myself to complete a challenging set of work out, comes the crucial part of my exercise: muscle recovery. After years of experiencing and searching for a durable and effective muscle roller, I’m still not satisfied. The rollers I can find on the market are either made from foam or plastic. After months of use, as expected they all failed to meet my expectation. As I work with them every day, most of them deteriorated quickly. After years of searching, I finally decided that I had enough. I started to develop my very own muscle roller.
The world around us is constantly changing. In order to keep up with the economic growth, our ancestors decided to move away from nature to a more industrial environment. When I look around in the big city, I feel trapped inside of the concrete forest. Thus, I left the city I grew up in and moved to the country side of Houston in order to bring myself closer to the mother nature. I also started to encourage my family and friends to replace plastic with more ecofriendly and natural products.
As a yogi and a designer, I designed my muscle roller with durability, effectiveness, and environmentally friendly in mind. Unlike the roller currently on the market, our rollers are made with renewable materials. A strong bamboo supporting structure covered with natural rubber and cotton, provide a both durable and 100% environmentally friendly product with the right amount of stiffness. Your body will feel soft pure cotton,not that industrial plastic.Our roller can even be used during hot yoga. With our 100% natural materials, it won’t release toxic fume even when its heated up.
Our roller is not only eco-friendly, but also extremely durable. Bamboo has been used as a building material for centuries, it is light weight and strong. We use the best part of bamboo to make one of the most durable rollers on the market.

When I wake up every morning, doing yoga in my back yard is how I like to start my day. Watching the sun slowly rising from the horizon, the birds are singing and the fog above the grass gradually turning into the first drop of dew of the morning. Relaxing with my bamboo roller,it made me feel like that I’ve never been closer to mother nature ever before.

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