STRETCH IT OUT! The importance of stretching

In our pursuit to establish workout routines that tone and strengthen our bodies, stretching often times get placed on the back burner. Many times being placed in that, “Not as sexy as working out but something I should probably do but don’t” category, stretching has been an underrated element in our workout routines. This wouldn’t be that much of a problem if stretching wasn’t so vital and beneficial to the exercise process. In this blog, we are going to explore a few of the benefits of stretching and some tips to help leverage this amazing activity.

Benefits:Loosening of the Muscles

Tense muscles could not only hinder our range of motion during athletic activities but everyday life activities as well. Muscles that no longer have the normal range of motion some tender loving care to restore full elasticity. Restricted or tight muscles can cause other muscles groups to overcompensate, thus throwing off your posture, work out form and pose alignments. A good stretch could recalibrate the balance your body needs.

Increase of Circulation

Similar to that accident that had you late for work this morning, tense muscles can slow up the flow of blood through your muscles. Stretching allows a surplus of blood to flow through those tense muscles, in return, delivering the amazing nutrients found in your blood your muscles need to recover. Oxygen, Nutrients, and Toxin busting elements delivered first class!

Muscle Performance

Remove the self-limitations of your muscles and tap into that next gear by priming your muscles for extreme activity. Want to tap into that next level of performance? Stretching is the foundation that will allow you to build the muscle efficiency you’re looking for.



Warmup 1st

Warming up helps raise the core temperature of the body so that the muscles are ready to work. As we all know, cold things tend to be less pliable and cold muscles are no different. Whereas “Cold” muscles are at a much higher risk of being injured, a brief pre-workout to get the body temperature up is absolutely critical BEFORE you stretch.


Use a Yoga Strap

Want to make your stretching experience easier and more enjoyable? Yoga Straps are an excellent way to get a deep and thorough stretch without compromising your form and hurting yourself. Our unique yoga straps are great assets to add to your equipment bag.


Stretch Symmetrically

As creatures of habit, we have the tendency to focus on our dominant side when doing stretching exercises. To ensure that your entire body gets an even stretch, develop a routine that includes all areas equally.



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