6 "Stress BUSTING" Yoga Poses

Job security, children, taxes, friendships, social media, Donald Trump, aging, ph levels, traffic, new diet trends, etc. Is anyone else triggered? Finding reasons to become stressed out is not a difficult task. In this hyper-progressive and information-overloaded age that we live in, the precious ancient practice and benefits of yoga have seen exponential growth in popularity. When practiced regularly, yoga can be the transformational disconnecting force that brings you out of the rat race of society and into emotional and physical wholeness.

We have curated 6 of our favorite stress-relieving yoga poses that are sure to ease the troubled mind. Add these poses into your stress relief regiment along with our non-slip yoga mat towels which providing fantastic security and grip as you transition between poses.

Forward Fold and Downward Facing Dog Pose

Often times it is the nervous system that takes the biggest beating from the effects of stress. These two poses expand the space between the vertebra, allowing greater circulation to the nerves. Removing this tension allows you to be free to turn inward in healthy introspection.


Child’s and Seated Forward Pose

The amazing brain benefits of placing your head on the mat or legs are often instant. The fold in these two poses sends signals to your mind that it is SAFE to rest. These poses are amazing ways to achieve inner peace.



Cat and Cow Pose

As you massage and lengthen the spine during these poses, your circulation experiences greater flow to the discs between the vertebrae. Thus, relinquishing stress from the back and releasing calmness to the mind.




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