6 Hacks for SUPER Fast Muscle Recovery


Believe it or not, sleep is at the top of the list of the most crucial aspects for a good muscle recover plan. Vital growth hormones that your muscles need to rebuild and grow are release while you’re resting. It is amazing how 8 hours of sleep(the optimal timeframe of resting for muscle recovery) could prove to be the determining factor if you’re good to go for your next big workout or not.


Staying hydrated before, throughout and especially after a hard workout can help flush toxins from the muscles and keep the muscles from dehydrating. Both of which help contribute to extended pain following an exercise.


Good or Bad, we have all had our fair share of experiences with supplements. Besides the fact that many protein powders make false outrageous claims, the right high-quality protein formulas nourish your body and provide the amino acids necessary for muscle repair. Furthermore, they prevent muscle loss.


Muscle Rollers are fantastic tools for muscle recovery. The fascia, the thin membrane that covers your muscles, gets all knotted up and mangled through high-intensity exercise. This is one of the main culprits to post-workout pain. Rolling out the fascia using a muscle roller like ours works wonders for your muscles recovery.


Cold Therapy

The act of exercise produces microtrauma(mini tears to the muscle structure) to your muscles. The release of waste into the muscle as a result of this breakdown process is a natural byproduct with lactic acid being the more well known. Taking a cold bath, some form of cryotherapy or even just using icepack restrict the blood vessels. This tightening of the blood vessels push out those toxins which are responsible for the delayed onset of pain we experience.

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